Blood Nearby is an app to get/donate blood nearby. Its a platform where you can save someone’s life by donating the blood and in emergency you can get blood easily as well.

App works beyond the cities and even countries. Suppose you live in CITY1(India) but you have gone CITY2(US) for treatment and there is no friend/family, In that case you can create blood request and the people of CITY2(US) will be happy to donate bloods.


About our App

CREATE BLOOD REQUESTS: You can create blood requests whenever needed, people nearby you would be happy to help you or your dear ones.
TRACK DONORS: You can track the donor’s live location
NOTIFICATIONS: You will get the notification on your phone whenever someone will need blood in your feed range.
NEARBY BLOOD BANKS: You can find out the nearby blood banks with their ratings, open timings etc. You can search for blood banks in particular location as well.


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